Family Medicine

UCF Health’s board-certified family medicine physicians (also referred to as “general practitioners”) can serve as your front-line defense against illnesses and chronic diseases. These physicians within our practice treat patients age 16 and older.

While most people think of family practice doctors as the ones you see for routine checkups, immunizations and periodic illnesses, these physicians also have extensive training in the treatment and management of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. When a disease specialist is needed, your family medicine physician can make the appropriate referrals, while remaining in the loop to serve as the “quarterback” for your overall healthcare.

Family medicine physicians also place a major emphasis on disease prevention. Whether it’s a necessary screening test based upon age and gender, or a behavior modifications warranted by lifestyle factors like diet and environmental exposure, your family medicine doctor can help you make the best choices for your ongoing health.

You may choose from our family medicine providers: