Dr Asmar cares for patientTwenty-six million American adults have kidney disease…and most don’t even know it. UCF Health’s nephrology program focuses specifically on diseases and conditions that affect the kidneys.

Our nephrologist works closely with specialists like endocrinologists to monitor patients with diabetes and rheumatologists who treat autoimmune conditions like lupus, among others. Additional risk factors include cysts of the kidneys, kidney stones, smoking, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, people with kidney disease don’t typically have symptoms in the early stages, and it’s easy to miss the warning signs that may appear in lab tests like bloodwork and a urinalysis. The condition most often goes undetected until the advanced stages and the patient has symptoms like high blood pressure and abnormal swelling.

Once diagnosed with kidney disease, UCF Health’s nephrologist works closely with patients to empower them to make informed choices about treatment options. He also educates them about lifestyle modifications that can help control the disease and elevate symptoms.

Our Nephrology Specialist

 Abdo Asmar, M.D. 

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