Geriatric Doctor in Orlando

Geriatric Doctor in Orlando

As people age, many experience multiple health conditions that are unique to that phase of life. Our geriatric doctor at UCF Health Orlando has extensive experience evaluating and treating seniors, with the goal of maximizing the quality of their lives.

doctor with geriatric patient

Beyond treating current medical conditions, UCF Health’s geriatric team takes a holistic approach to senior care. By understanding a patient’s past illnesses, their ability to handle activities of daily living, the support structure in place, psychological attitudes and personal goals, an individualized healthcare plan can be developed.

During each visit, the physician also takes great care to ensure that medications are appropriate, as well as evaluates the patient’s memory to detect any sudden declines. This is done in a manner that is medically sound, while remaining respectful of the patient’s fears and concerns.

In addition, our geriatric specialist works closely with seniors and their caregivers to ensure the right accommodations are made for the safety and wellbeing of the patient, from fall-prevention strategies within the home to emergency assistance plans. When patients are no longer able to live independently or under the care of a family member or friend, the geriatric team can provide guidance about the many assisted living options.

Practicing Location

Lake Nona

Our Geriatric Medicine Specialist

Dr. Mariana B. Dangiolo

Dr. Mariana Dangiolo, one of our top Orlando family medicine physicians, is board-certified with a subspecialty certification in geriatric medicine. As a bilingual doctor, she has dedicated part of her career to serving American Indian and Latino communities. Dr. Dangiolo is active in the American Academy of Family Physicians, Mayo Clinic Alumni Association, American Geriatrics Society, Physicians for a National Health Plan and the Florida Medical Association.

Dr. Dangiolo’s patients recommend her, as she takes her time with each patient and treats medical conditions efficiently and effectively. 

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