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We’re in the height of flu season, and reports show flu activity is much higher in Florida this year than the past two seasons. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend getting your yearly flu shot before November, getting vaccinated later is better than never.

Anyone over the age of 6 months should be vaccinated every year. Adults 65 and older, people with chronic health conditions and women who are pregnant should make getting vaccinated a top priority, since they are at a higher risk of developing life-threating complications from the flu.

Most clinics will offer flu shots through January or even later, since flu season usually peaks between December and February. The vaccine protects not only you, but also your family and others around you. It also helps to suppress symptoms if you do contract the virus. If you haven’t gotten your flu shot this year, it’s not too late.

You can request a flu shot from your doctor before any visit. Also, most local pharmacies are still administering flu shots, and some offer the vaccine for free or even for a store credit. So if September and October were busy and you forgot to get your shot, get vaccinated now. It’s not too late.

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