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How to combat itchy skin

With cold weather finally here, you may be experiencing itchy skin. This is normal — as humidity in the air drops, the oil that lubricates our skin is decreased causing dry, itchy skin. For mild cases, moisturizing with lotion after showering can help.

“Living in Central Florida, we don’t get the extreme cold, and drying effects of central heat on our skin,” Dr. David Weinstein, dermatologist at UCF Health said. “If you are experiencing itchy skin there could be a skin condition at hand, especially if the skin is red or flaky. Most conditions can be treated easily with topical creams or changes in hygiene products.”

You may not be aware that the following can contribute to your dry skin:


While dry skin is irritating, it usually doesn’t represent a serious problem, but sometimes it can be difficult to treat. If your itchy skin is persistent you should seek help from a dermatologist. It could be related to a skin condition or associated to an underlying disease, such as diabetes or thyroid condition.


Dr. Weinstein’s skin care product recommendations for dry skin (no financial interest in these products):

Try soaps like Dove (unscented), or Cetaphil and CeraVe which contain ceramides which can help people with sensitive skin.

For moisturizers, try CeraVe, Cetaphil, Eucerin, Aveeno and Vanicream.

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