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This is our last health tip of 2014. We've enjoyed sharing these ideas with you over the last two years and hope the information is helpful and relevant - or at least makes you think. As always, we're eager to hear your feedback. What subjects interest you? What topics would be of the most help?

Our 2015 tips will begin on Tuesday, January 13 with ideas for bringing increased wellness to the new year - and not being sabotaged or overwhelmed by well-intentioned resolutions. As we close the year, we leave you with just a few friendly, healthy reminders:

*       Focus holiday celebrations on the people you love, rather than on the food and drink. How much you eat and serve isn't the point. You don't have to leave every meal stuffed. Think small portions and small plates. Enjoy a taste of something - not a giant slice. When in doubt, choose vegetables and fruits.
*       Keep moving. Wish you could spend more time with your kids, spouse or significant other? How about an after-dinner walk where you share the day? Take a hike. Walk the dog - it's healthy for you both. Organize a family basketball tournament, badminton, kickball, a New Year's dance competition. Get your heart beating and make it a social occasion.
*       Be safe with alcohol. Please drink in moderation if you imbibe and don't drink and drive.

On behalf of the UCF College of Medicine, and UCF Pegasus Health, our physician practice, we wish you a happy, healthy and safe holiday break.
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