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At UCF Health, our doctors not only treat patients but also teach at the UCF College of Medicine where they are training the next generation of doctors. Through teaching, they instill a sense of curiosity in med students and instruct them to never stop learning. And our docs practice what they teach! Many of our doctors are involved in research that is improving patient care and developing better medicine to care for the ailments affecting people in our community and worldwide. Some of that research is aided by voluntary patient participation at our offices.

“As an academic practice, it’s our research activities and continual pursuit of new and better ways of providing medical care that provide a unique advantage to our patients,” Dr. Maria Cannarozzi, medical director at UCF Health said.

The UCF College of Medicine is committed to the future of medical care, and scientific research is how we will advance care and ensure a healthier population. This is done in both big and small ways. Whether our researchers are finding a cure for breast cancer, helping to stop the spread of mosquito borne illnesses, or finding better, cost-effective ways to educate patients about their chronic conditions− our researchers are changing the future of medical care.

This Doctor’s Day, you can honor your doctor by donating to research at UCF Health and the UCF College of Medicine. To make a donation, visit


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