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Your health is the key to so many aspects of positive aging. One of the biggest threats is one of the most overlooked — arthritis. One out of every four people lives with arthritis and it’s the number one cause of disability today. One of the most debilitating forms of it is rheumatoid arthritis, something Shazia Bég, M.D. of the UCF College of Medicine has studied extensively.

Dr. Bég is a specialist not just in diagnosing it but in treating it as well. She also focuses on other diseases that affect our joints, muscles and bones and is sharing what’s she learned that can help you treat or perhaps even prevent arthritis.

Find out about the surprising connection between rheumatoid arthritis and cows and whether you should avoid cow products if you have a family history of RA.

Listen to the full interview 

*This article and interview were originally posted on Growing Bolder.

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