Don’t Stress the Holidays

Thanksgiving is a wrap, Christmas is right around the corner and the New Year is stealing third. It’s no wonder that stress has become an accepted part of the holiday season. But stress can have serious health consequences, so here are some things to keep in mind this holiday season.

While you’re trying to pick the perfect package, stress is moving in to weaken your immune system. It does so by releasing cortisol into your body, which fights a protective enzyme called telomerase that works to protect your cells. With weakened cells, you’re prone to common stress-induced problems including headaches; skin conditions like as shingles and psoriasis; heart disease; depression and anxiety; and accelerated aging.

Handling stress means taking steps to bring more balance to your activities – and expectations. The holidays are an important time of the year for many, where expectations can run unrealistically high. If you are the planner for your household, here are some tips to help prevent the dreaded holiday stress:

There are many measures you can take to decrease the risk of stress-related illnesses that often accompany the hectic holidays. So remember, put your health first so stress won’t come caroling this year.