Orthopedic Services in Lake Nona and East Orlando

Your joints are involved in almost every move you make. Normally, joints move smoothly and without pain. But when the joint is worn or injured, it can make your everyday activities painful. You don’t need to live in pain. Our orthopedic (also spelled orthopaedic) services are available in both our Lake Nona office and our East Orlando office and focus on improving patients’ lives by re-establishing mobility and reducing pain through both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Our orthopedic surgeon sees patients in both our Lake Nona office and our East Orlando office to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, with a special focus on the hip and knee. These joints are crucial to maintaining your mobility. Whether you have experienced an injury or have been living with arthritis, our hip and knee specialist will evaluate your condition and let you know the best options for treatment.

Our goal is for your time with us to be as informative and comfortable as possible. During your first appointment, we will ask about your history and perform a physical examination. Usually we will order x-rays to assist in the proper diagnosis. Occasionally, special tests such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Computerized Tomography Scanning (CT scan) are needed to provide more detailed pictures of your bones and joints.

When people think of seeing an orthopedic doctor, they may immediately think of surgery. Fortunately, many orthopedic problems can be corrected with alternative procedures. We offer a full range of services to assist patients in reducing or eliminating their joint pain, including injection therapies and a full range of surgical procedures.

Our Orthopedic Services

Our Orthopedic Specialist

 Obinna Adigweme, M.D.



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