Patients with complex endocrine disorders like diabetes and thyroid disease benefit from UCF Health’s endocrinology clinic.

As the rate of diabetes continues to rise, it’s increasingly evident that treatment must be customized to control blood sugars, while not compromising quality of life. To that end, UCF Health’s diabetes program translates evidence-based medical science into a three-prong approach that focuses on medication, diet and exercise.

Finding the appropriate medication is typically the first step. Equally important is taking a realistic approach to lifestyle factors like diet and exercise. Because no two people are alike, educating patients how to manage their disease while at work, traveling and beyond is just as important as carb counting at home. And when appropriate, the latest technologies in insulin pumps and other devices are integrated into the plan.

The clinic also specializes in treating and managing people with thyroids that are underactive (hypothyroidism) and overactive (hyperthyroidism), as well as those with thyroid nodules and cancers. Sometimes medication and careful monitoring is the appropriate course of action. But when a more aggressive approach is needed, the clinic collaborates with leading head and neck surgeons, as well radiation oncologists, to provide a seamless approach to healthcare.

In addition, our endocrinologist treats patients with pituitary, adrenal and calcium disorders, which often requires diligent monitoring and intervention.


Our Endocrinology Specialists

 Rema Gupta, M.D.